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It is very often the case that a marriage breaks down and it does come to an end. For a significant number of individuals, this is seen as a relief,and they are happy to be out of a relationship that has failed.

It can also be the case children are involved which makes the entire situation more fraught and tense than if it was merely two adults.


Who seeks Marriage Counseling in San Antonio

Individuals come to Marriage Counseling of San Antonio from all walks of life. People who you assume would be happy can be in the same queue as much as any regular couple. It can be that some wish to fight and save their marriage or others who want toto make the transition back to being single and are looking for the best way to adjust.


Apart from the common reasons a relationship heads toward divorce. There are several problem areas where you can look that will predict is a relationship will end in divorce,or it can be salvaged.

Divorce symptoms:


  • Negative criticism – when not answered by any definite
  • A partner’s lack of respect and contempt – This is common in most marriages
  • Becoming Defensive – People who can’t take responsibility for a problem find they are unable to correct it, and will not show any empathy toward their spouse.
  • Making deliberate attempts to avoid facing any problems – this makes it almostimpossible to resolve and argumentative situation


What You Can Gain

A San Antonio marriage that results in divorce can be traumatic for both sides. The situation can be mental, physically and costly to carry on with.

Either partners in the marriage can start to feel anxiety, guilt,and fear plus many other emotions. Our skilled marriage counselors are able to help individuals work through these emotions and how best to deal with them when they are on their own.


Other Areas Therapists Can Help

If the marriage has or very soon will result in divorce. Our therapists can help with other matters. These can range from financial obligations, how best to deal with parenting responsibilities and living arrangements. There are many areas a couple who are in this situation might not have realized they have to deal with apart from their breakup. We have seen this many, many times and can ease the transition gracefully and equally.

It is unfortunate parents on the brink of a breakup tend to forget the needs of their children. All of the therapists at Marriage Counseling of San Antonio know this can happen and always make sure a couple is reminded of their parental obligations.



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