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What is Family Counseling?

Welcome to Marriage Counseling San Antonio. We are so delighted you are here. Just because you're here looking for help makes you a strong person.

Whether you're looking for answers to your questions about family counseling or want help with the family. You are in the right place.

But we have a question we would love to ask you before we start!

How easy would life be if everyone got along with the family?

Family Counseling therapy San Antonio TX 78201

How happy would you be if your family understood you even when you were hurt or upset?

Okay, we asked two questions, but imagine a family that is always happy and together. Sounds terrific, right? It can be as if that is what family counseling is about.

So, sit back and relax, allowing the information to sink in deeply. We promise you will get some eye-opening information and need help looking for more.

"My mom was diagnosed with cancer, and our family had a hard time accepting that we might lose our mom. Finally, we all decided to work together and go for family counseling to work through these difficult times."

- John Wagener (San Antonio North)

When Should You See a Family Counselor?

Different situations call for a family to partake in family counseling. But a family therapist is beneficial when a deeper need for guidance and mediation is needed.

For Example:

  • When children have problems at home or school or partake in substance abuse or have an eating disorder or even disruptive behavior.
  • One of both parents is experiencing anxiety or depression.
  • A change takes place that impacts all family members lives like financial struggles, relocation and more.
  • An unexpected loss of a family member or adjusting to a blended family
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Violence
  • Ongoing parent conflict
Family can benefit from therapy San Antonio TX 78201

How Our Family Counselors Help 

Meeting a Family Therapist San Antonio TX 78201

Every family faces difficulties. Our San Antonio family counselors view each family member's problems from broken patterns to systems in the family unit.

No matter the issue within a family, our family therapists can help resolve it as they understand the family dynamics and how it works. With the therapists, these patterns are made visible to help fix them.

We use different therapy techniques from individual to group family sessions, and the treatment plan depends on the family's needs. Our counselors will speak to everyone to understand the problem better.

Our counselors will observe how everyone interacts in the family unit and develop a treatment plan to help improve communication and resolve issues. With family counseling, the family is evaluated with problems highlighted to get them fixed.

Let Marriage Counseling San Antonio help you and your family replace dysfunctional behaviors with positive ones. In addition, we will help guide the family through any transition taking place.

Contact us to start your family counseling today!

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