Addiction Recovery Counseling San Antonio

What is Addiction?

Overcoming an addiction, whether alcohol, drugs, or a substance, is not easy. Luckily, Marriage Counseling San Antonio has addiction and recovery counseling to help.

No matter what addiction you struggle with or whether you kick the habit and need guidance, we are available to help you to recover successfully. Our therapists are committed to providing you or someone you know with the best care.

With addiction and recovery therapy in San Antonio, we provide patients with the support they need for long-term recovery. Please do not allow your addiction to get overhand of you.

Addiction Counseling San Antonio TX 78201

Move with Marriage Counseling of San Antonio into the future to become addiction free. To learn more, contact our addiction and recovery counselors today.

"I lived an elite life and had a good job. But I met friends that introduced me to cocaine. It made me feel good, but it started taking over my life. It came to a point where I started losing the important things in my life. I went to an addiction center, but it was still a long road ahead. So I went for addiction recovery counseling and joined groups to help me remain drug-free."

Rene West (San Antonio North)

Features of Our Addiction Recovery Counseling in San Antonio

The main goal of addiction counseling is to help you discover what motivates you to use that habit. No matter the addiction to drinking, drugs, shopping, and more, you do not know a healthy way to cope with stress.

It can be from unresolved trauma that also leads to addictive behaviors. Yet, when you overcome your issues, you start to heal, and the needed changes are made with addiction management.

Our addiction and recovery program presents a range of therapies depending on the addiction.

  • CBT: With Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, you learn how to identify and change your behaviors and thoughts contributing to the habit.
  • DBT: Dialectical Behavior Therapy will teach you to cope with stress more healthily while remaining mindful in the present moment.
Addiction recovery counseling San Antonio TX 78201
  • EMDR: The therapy is beneficial if you have experienced trauma, as it will help you heal from that experience you went through.
  • Trauma Therapy: This form of therapy is for you to help you heal from the trauma that leads to your addictive behavior.
  • Family Therapy: When families are involved, it will help them understand what you're going through and learn how to give support.

With addiction and recovery counseling in San Antonio, regardless of the treatment plan. There are three essential components; without a foundation, people struggle to stop the habit and cannot recover.

The Three Essential Components 

Therapy Helps Educate You About The Addiction

Understanding why you do what you do is bad is not always enough. You need education, and addiction therapy educates you about all the chemical changes in your brain. You will then understand what is happening in your body and the consequences to motivate you to get clean or stop your habit.

It helps Identify The Triggers to Prevent a Relapse

After establishing a relationship with the therapists, the counselor identifies the triggers. It can be a person, event, or place. For instance, if you drink, you may feel the need to drink at a particular hour. When you know, those triggers will help you to avoid them.

Addiction and Recovery Counseling Helps You to Change

With the help of a therapist, they help you to change your thoughts. A common technique to do this is CBT. Hence, it removes the negative patterns causing those feelings and actions. You learn to identify and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

So, no matter your addiction, there is hope with addiction and recovery counseling with Marriage Counseling of San Antonio. Feel free to contact us or fill out the online form, and we will get back to you.

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