Infidelity Counseling San Antonio

Infidelity Counseling

I cannot believe this is happening!

How could they do this to me?

What should I do now? 

These questions come to mind after discovering a partner betrays you. Then the feelings of denial, anger, shock, and depression follow.

Dissatisfaction in the Relationship San Antonio TX 78201

Infidelity Leads to Trauma

What most people do not realize is that the betrayed can experience trauma. The life they once knew is gone, and the relationship changed forever. Now the betrayer feels uncertain of their future. With the trauma comes a rollercoaster of feelings to moods. Some days they feel their relationship is working, and other days it feels like it is all over.

"I went for infidelity counseling after an affair and opened up to my wife about it. We went through different emotions and while at first, she did not want to join me. She finally came with and we started working on our relationship again. I was lucky that my wife forgave me."

- Danny Lewis (San Antonio)

Marriage Counseling San Antonios Approach 

As a specialist in infidelity counseling in San Antonio, we can assure you all the feelings of an affair are normal. We have found many consistencies between couples, and there are many differences as well.

We provide tailor-made therapy plans to meet your concerns and needs. When you come to Marriage Counseling San Antonio, we know it is not easy, but we want to inform you that you're in good hands.

When you enter as a couple for counseling after an affair, as there is no trust and only hurt with anger, the problem is that you can come for individual counseling, but it is better to work through it as a couple, not to hurt each other more.

We will help you through the healing the recovery process. We lead you through challenging conversations and provide a roadmap to navigate while not in a session.

Infidelity Counseling San Antonio TX 78201

In addition, we can help you build a stronger relationship to get through this difficult time.

So, if you are unsure in what direction you and your partners are heading, contact us for infidelity counseling today. Let's help you get clarity to make the right choice moving forward.

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