Grief Counseling San Antonio

Grief Counseling

In our lifetime, we all experience grief. Still, no one should go through heartache alone. 

At Marriage Counseling San Antonio, we are here to support you in your grief. Our counselors offer bereavement counseling to support you through this psychological and emotional time after losing someone or something.

The primary purpose of grief counseling in San Antonio is to help you to cope with your pain after loss.


Symptoms of Grief

When you go through grief, you can experience symptoms that can affect your life daily:

  • Have no interest in doing anything pleasurable or interesting
  • Feeling angry to irritable
  • Have a fear of death or suicidal thoughts
  • Change in appetite and sleep patterns
  • Avoiding reminders of the loss or being unwilling to come to terms with your loss
  • Feel as if you are stuck in a rut and feel numb
  • Not able to have happy memories and thoughts

"While on vacation, my husband passed away from a heart attack. I could not accept my loss and started falling into depression. I finally realized that I was slowly losing my family, drifting away. My daughter said to me that we both should go for grief counseling. I was hesitant at first but now after a few sessions I am able to breath again."

- Mandy Knight (West San Antonio)

Coping With Grief 

We all grieve in our own way and our own time, in some it can take 6 months to work their way through it while others may experience these feelings for twelve months or more in extreme cases. In these extreme cases, there is a possibility depression can creep in. If this long-term grief takes over a person’s life, it is called “Complicated grief” and can affect how a person returns to their routine and is highlighted by the following Symptoms:

Recovering from Grief San Antonio TX 78201

When you lose someone close to you or something like losing your work, the critical part is to heal. Another essential thing to remember is that you're not alone. Seek support from Marriage Counseling San Antonio today.

The important thing is to care for yourself to sleep, eat, and exercise even when you do not feel you want to. So, if your family and friends do not understand your feelings, the healthy alternative is to talk to us. With grief counseling in San Antonio, you can work through your emotions in a relaxed and safe environment.

So take the first step to talk to one of our therapists today. Schedule a time that suits you so we can meet and discuss your feelings. 

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