How to Find a Good Marriage Counselor

Premarital Counseling In San Antonio

The truth is that no couple’s therapy is the same. Maybe you have asked yourself the same question as many other couples, “How do you find a good marriage counselor?” The fact is there are many therapists available online, but not all of them are qualified. Marriage Counseling of San Antonio has certified therapists to tackle any marriage problem.

Another fact is it does help to talk to a marriage counselor but is not a guarantee it will improve unless you work together. To help you out we have set up some guideline for you. These instructions can help you when seeking professional help.

Is the therapist qualified?

When visiting a marriage counselor makes sure, they have received the training to handle couples problems. Each therapy from marriage to individual treatment requires different skills. In couple’s therapy, the therapists need to help you and your partner-overcome differences. They need to know what makes your marriage tick. Do not be shy and ask the therapist you plan to see if they have the experience.

You need to feel at ease

When going for marriage counseling you need to feel relaxed talking to the therapist. You are here because you want the person to understand your feelings. You do not need a counselor that sides with you or your partner. Furthermore, if you feel uncomfortable with any suggestions made by the therapist say no. If they honor your feelings stay if not open the door and leave.

Set concrete goals

Make sure there are concrete goals set up. If goals are not available at an early stage, you will be coming back for weeks on end without any clear direction. Once goals are in place, you must not lose sight of them. If no progress takes place in the first two to three sessions address your concerns.

Marital problems are solvable

Never let a therapist tell you, you cannot save your marriage. Change is possible as humans are amazing beings and capable of doing anything for love. The important thing is to trust your instincts, and you will know if the counselor is helping or not. Here at Marriage Counseling of San Antonio, we do not want you to tread on the water we want you to swim.


In our option, the best way to find a marriage counselor is satisfied customers. Ask your friends or family for referrals, as they are proof of saving their marriages. Never give up on therapy but rather give up on bad counseling. By asking the advice of a third party, you can find solutions to all life’s complicated troubles. Also, if your family and friends do not know anybody gives us call we are always glad to help.


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