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Many families stick together in the time of crisis though there are times when the crisis is within the family itself. This can happen for a multitude of reasons. Siblings might have a disagreement or parents are going through a separation,and it is affecting the other family members.In times like these family counseling, San Antonio families seek becomes very beneficial.


What is Family Counseling?

The therapists at Marriage Counseling of San Antonio can help any family member who is faced with events which are highly stressful. Finances, death in the family or mental health problems are other reasons families seek the best family counseling.


There are also severe cases where members of a family are exposed to drink, drugs or are depressed and have a chronic illness. Our therapists understand these unique situations and are always available to help with everyday family concerns, conflicts or problems with family members whose communication has broken down.


Our therapists hold sessions which go a long way to promote understanding and re-build communication between family members. Problems might be minor,yet they have spiraled out of control through pride or envy. An excellent example of when this happens is child behavioral problems. The root can be small,yet the effects are frustrating parents or other family members. All the skilled and qualified therapists and counselors at Marriage Counseling of San Antonio specialize in helping to resolve these problems.


Meeting a Family Counselor

All our sessions are conducted by LMFT licensed professionals who specialize in specific areas. All courses are focused on a solution and are intended for short-term results. All it takes to resolve most family problems is around nine sessions which last up to an hour in length.


Depending on the nature of the problem. It might be the case all family members have separate counseling sessions rather than all being in the same session. These standalone sessions can be helpful in the cases where younger members are involved,and they remain reclusive in front of their parents or other family members.


Family Counseling Approaches

As family counseling aims to resolve many forms of problems. Varying types of therapy are required to obtain the required goals. Our specialists use systems theory at times and also use psychological approaches like cognitive, experimental and psychodynamic.


Each of these approaches has helped our skilled and sympathetic therapists and counselors to resolve a vast number of family counseling problems for San Antonio residents.

Our therapists help to increase communication and reduce friction so fears and concerns are brought out into the open where conflicts can be overcome,and all family members learn to help each other again to overcome problems or cope with fears they might have.


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